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Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive inquiries about our products and what's required to begin using CartGenie. Below are answers to some of the most common questions.


Q: What does my CartGenie plan include?

A: All CartGenie plans include a customizable and completely functional e-commerce Web site powered by CartGenie.  The Web site includes a home page, Web page template to create your own custom content pages using Dreamweaver or Expressions Web,  product catalog, and shopping cart system. In addition, your plan includes access to the Customer Support Center where you can download CartGenie, updates, & User Guides, review video tutorials, the CartGenie knowledge base, Technical Support and more.  Once you have purchased a plan we will install the Web site files and database on our servers.


Q: Can you add a feature to CartGenie for me?

A: Yes. We are constantly adding more features and upgrading CartGenie.  If you don't see a feature you need, contact us.  Chances are we're already working on it or we will add it at no charge.


Q: Can I install CartGenie Desktop Engine on more than one computer?

A: Yes. There are no limitations on the number of PCs that can run CartGenie Desktop Engine.


Q: Can more than one person use CartGenie Desktop Engine?

A: Yes. There is no limitation on the number of users and multiple users can be logged in at the same time.


Q: Are there any set-up fees?

A: Yes.  A $50 set-up fee is required.


Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple store licenses?

A: Yes.  We provide a 10% discount off list price for each "additional" storefront.  Your first account is billed at list price but a 10% discount is applied to each additional storefront.


Q: Can I host CartGenie with another Web hosting company?

A: No. To ensure the most compatible and seamless hosting experience, you must choose one of our e-commerce hosting plans.


Q: Is there a fee for upgrade my hosting plan?

A: No. When you upgrade your CartGenie subscription, there is no upgrade fee.


Q: Is there a fee for downgrading my hosting plan?

A: Yes. There is a $50 fee if you downgrade to a lesser priced plan (i.e. your existing hosting plan's monthly fee is greater than the new hosting plan's monthly fee).


Q: Do I need to know how to write HTML?

A: No. While CartGenie is extremely customizable, you don't need to know how to work with HTML. You should have some basic familiarity with Web authoring programs like Dreamweaver, but it's not a requirement. However, for developers who wish to create a very custom look, CartGenie offers lots of opportunity.


Q: What kind of support do you provide?

A: We provide unlimited technical support.  We also provide unlimited & free email, live chat, & phone support for as long as you are using CartGenie.   Learn more about what's covered under our CartGenie Support Policy.


Q: Can I control who has access to view my online product catalog?

A: Yes. CartGenie enables you to define a viewing mode, either Public or Private. When set to Public, anyone who visits your site can view the catalog. When set to Private, visitors must first log in with the user name and password given to them. For those doing 100% B2B sales, this feature provides the necessary level of privacy required of a business portal Web site.


Q: Can I read the Terms & Conditions Agreement before making my CartGenie Subscription purchase?

A: Yes. Review Terms & Conditions for software and Web hosting


Q: Can I use Expressions Web, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or another Web authoring tool to customize my site?

A: Yes. You can use Expressions Web, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or any other Web authorizing software to create your own custom pages (i.e. About Us, Contact Us, etc.). You can also use your Web authoring software to control fonts, colors, and virtually any other style-oriented elements of the Web site. And don't forget that CartGenie has built-in HTML and CSS editors that you can use as well!


Q: Can I charge different prices based upon who's shopping online?

A: Yes. CartGenie enables you to create multiple pricing levels and assign customers either the default Web price or some other price. This is especially useful for business-to-business accounts that offer multiple pricing levels. When a customer logs into your online store they will see their prices.


Q: Can I track my inventory by location?

A: Yes. CartGenie Enterprise includes an inventory control module that enables you to track inventory for an unlimited number of warehouse/store locations. In addition, you can enable customers to check product availability for each of the locations. You can also control access to the locations so that some customers can log in and view availability while others cannot.


Q: Can I sell downloadable goods with CartGenie?

A: Yes. CartGenie includes a Digital Download feature that enables you to sell files and soft goods that customers can download after they've gone through the checkout process.


Q: What do I need in order to accept credit cards?

A: In order to accept credit card payments over the Internet, merchants need two things in addition to a shopping cart: a "payment gateway account" and an "online merchant account".  A payment gateway is a system that validates a credit card during a transaction and transfers funds to your merchant account. During an online transaction the shopping cart software (i.e. CartGenie) sends a request to the payment gateway provider asking it to verify that the credit card being used has sufficient funds to pay for the purchase. If it does, the gateway handles the transaction details and transfers the funds into the merchant account.  An online merchant account is a bank account specifically designed for e-commerce transactions. It generally has a higher discount rate than traditional retail merchant accounts because the credit card is "not present" (i.e. the merchant can't look at it) during the transaction.


Q: Can I set-up a Gateway Account and Online Merchant Account through CartGenie?

A: Yes. We've partnered with iTransact to streamline the process of setting up a payment gateway account and an online merchant account.


Q: What payment gateways do you support?

A: We support the following gateways:  iTransact, Authorize.Net, eProcessingNetwork, VeriSign_PL, PayPal Standard, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro, Innovative Gateway Solutions, SecurePay, Moneris, Moneris-US, & Moneris-CA.


Q: Does CartGenie work with PayPal?

A: Yes.  You can configure CartGenie so that shoppers can choose to pay with PayPal.  In addition, you can set PayPal as your primary payment gateway so that all transactions are completed through PayPal.  CartGenie allows shoppers to add their items to the cart and then transfers them over to PayPal for payment.  Once the payment is made, the shopper is automatically returned to the receipt page on your Web site.  In order to use PayPal with CartGenie, you must set-up a PayPal Business Account.


Q: Can I transfer my existing Web site files to your servers?

A: Yes.  Using an FTP (file transfer protocol) application, you can quickly copy over any pages from your existing web site to your new CartGenie site.



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